5 Best Fake ID Scanners 2023

Business owners are getting smarter by investing in fake ID scanners. From bars to clubhouses, liquor stores to wild parties. You need to rethink if you are looking to bypass any of these by using a low-quality fake ID. Here, we present a list of the 5 best ID scanners in 2023, their unique features, and their ability to detect fake IDs. 

Without further ado, let’s review our top contenders for the best ID scanner 2023. 

1. IDWare 9000 ID Scanner

IDWare 9000 is a mobile scanner. This device is an effective solution in places like bars and clubs where a portable fake ID barcode scanner is essential. Our premium counterfeit IDs come with quality barcodes that will pass this test.

Features of IDWare 9000:

  • Hand-held: The IDWare scanner is hand-held, which enables quick ID scanning. This makes the gadget suitable for bouncers and security points. For this reason, you need reliable quality IDs like the ones we make to play above the competition.
  • Touch-free scan: the gadget allows businesses to scan your identity cards without touching them. At idtop, we ensure to fortify you with responsive IDs.

2. Gemalto CR5400

Gemalto ID scanner is designed for desktop use. Unlike regular ID scanners, this product has a slot on top where you need to drop your ID for scanning. Like other scanners, however, it doesn’t not spot our IDs as fake.

Features of Gemalto ID scanner CR5400:

  • Easy to use: The slot does not indicate how the ID must be slotted. This feature improves the ease of use since you can drop the identity card into the space either way, and it will read the information accurately. The machine ejects your card from the same slot once it has scanned it. 
  • Full authentication: this device performs white light, ultraviolet, and infrared light document checks. We ensure that we offer you the best IDs with the above features.

3. IDentiFake ID Scanner

The IDentiFake ID Scanner applies multiple forensic measures to ensure that false IDs won’t make past security checks. The machine thoroughly examines micro-printing, holograms, UV, and infrared images. It also identifies special features present only in specific IDs. This is why many casinos and dispensaries use the scanner.

Features of IDentiFake Scanner:

  • It is thorough: this device conducts forensic checks on the IDs it scans. IDTop’s fake ids are never caught by this technology.
  • Matches results with real documents: unlike other scanners, the IDentiFake fake ID scanner compares the data it generates against an existing library of valid IDs across the entire 50 states of the US and more than 196 countries. This feature improves the chances of spotting fakes even if they got all the features of a real ID perfect. However, you don’t have to worry about getting caught. Our technology is above it.
  • Cloud compatible: the device enables the creation of a central database through a network of multiple scanners. This feature enhances data management and significantly reduces the possibility of errors. It also consolidates your ID in the database once scanned for the first time.
  • Quick and accurate scans: the scanner produces high-quality 600 dpi scans. This quality scan quickly detects the faintest microprint and other special features of specific documents. The device captures full-color RGB images, barcodes, and magnetic data in a single scan. Also, we have the industry’s most fantastic pool of talents to ensure your card scans.
  • Accessories: Businesses can customize the IDentiFake ID scanner to suit their business needs by adding accessories like a movable workstation cart, external battery, and a gooseneck extender to hold a webcam. This ensures they can use the IDentiFake scanner to admit people into bars.

4. IDVisor Smart V2 ID Scanner

This device is a portable hand-held scanner suitable as a club and bar fake ID scanner that the operators use when they need to move around. It is designed with security staff or bouncers in mind. However, since your safety is our priority, we make our IDs meet this scanner’s standards.

Features IDVisor Scanner:

  • Versatile: it reads all US, Canadian, and Military IDs, including driver’s licenses and Canadian Health Cards. We also ensure that it will read your ID and report it as valid.
  • Quick scan: it takes less than a second to scan a card. This feature is advantageous, particularly for bars and clubs that want to keep the queue at their entrances as short as possible. It also ensures that you quickly access the night of your dreams.
  • Easy to use: Operators do not need IDVisor ID Scanner instructions to set up the device. Once they turn on the device, it’s ready to take your scan.
  • Record keeping: in addition to age verification, the scanner keeps the data it has gathered for easy export to external storage
  • Customer management: this ID reader offers extra management perks like keeping customer visit count to a bar, phone/email capture, manual entry, and scan count.
  • No WiFi is required for data export: it offers an option for WiFi if you prefer to export recorded data using WiFi rather than the standard USB cable option.
  • Free software update: we will keep you updated on new updates and how they might affect your use of our premium counterfeit IDs.
  • Allows multiple ID scanner networking: This WiFi-enabled feature ensures that your data gets established in the database across the entire network. This makes your ID information easily accessible to any scanner.

5. AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner

AgeVisor Touch ID scanner is designed for countertop use. This makes it suitable as an ideal to spot your counterfeit ID scanner in a:

  • Liquor store
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Marijuana dispensary
  • Vapor shop, etc.

These businesses can use it reliably to determine your actual age and deny you your shot at fun. The above businesses dread the possibility of losing their liquor license, and this machine comes in handy to save them from the expensive consequences of serving you alcohol on your night out. Your part is to ensure you stay invisible with our premium fakes.

The age calculation accuracy of the AgeVisor Touch is impressive and fast. The main features of this ID scanner include a barcode reader that is activated by motion, visual age indicators, and audible warnings that alert bouncers about the status of your ID.

AgeVisor Touch has a 7×7 inch frame. This makes the gadget large enough to display essential information about your ID in detail. It’s difficult to scale through such glary scrutiny unless you have a premium fake like the one we make.

Features of AgeVisor ID scanner:

  • Simple to use: no setup required. This means the operator would be less distracted and can quickly tell if your ID is fake. For that reason, you must stay ahead of the game by arming yourself with an ID incorporating new technology the scanner won’t see coming.
  • Quick scan: it takes about 1 second to scan an ID
  • It saves customers’ data: up to 250,000+ scans and about 100,000+ customers. This ensures that your data is in the database, making it easier for the machine to validate your premium false ID next time.
  • Data export: the device allows bars to export the data to a USB drive as an Excel CSV file
  • It can read 2D barcodes and magnetic stripes: AgeVisor Touch reads cards from the 50 states of the US and all provinces in Canada. It also reads military identity cards and Ontario National Health ID. With our professionalism, we ensure that the machine also recognizes your ID as valid.
  • Motion-activated: the barcode scanner is activated by motion. We ensure that the device reads your ID’s barcode.
  • Power: The AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner battery has 12 volts, 2.5-amp capacity. Alternatively, it is powered by a 12 volts wall adapter.
  • Free software updates: Businesses can easily update the software free of charge via WiFi. We will keep updating this platform when such updates are available and how they can affect your ID use.


The list concludes IDTop‘s review of 5 best fake ID scanners in 2023. Business owners such as bars and alcohol shops are getting more innovative and heavily investing in fake ID scanners. However, their security protocol should not prevent you from catching grooves once in a while. That’s why you must invest in a counterfeit id that will never get caught by even the best fake ID scanner app. 

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