5 Best Fake ID States (Updated 2023)

How to Select the Best State for a Fake ID?

People use fake IDs for many purposes. They need it to access a place that is not allowed with their real ID. Or, they just want to use it for fun purposes. Even though it is common practice today, many of us still don’t know where the best place to make it is. So, here, we are going to help you learn more about fake IDs and how to select the best state to make that.

Why are fake IDs Purchased?

Purchasing a counterfeit ID is a common practice in the United States. The main population that fake id websites often sell IDs to are U.S teenagers. Due to the legal drinking age being 21, many go against the laid down restrictions and boundaries preventing them from having some adventures, including going to adult concerts, festivals, restaurants, and other venues with age restrictions.

Mostly, people use the ID faking service for acquiring access to places or facilities that don’t allow them to enter. For example, people use fake IDs to enter a club, casino, or similar places. Some states have different regulations for the minimum age for those places. Often those states have only one year age requirement difference from others.

If you meet this situation, you can’t enter that place even though in your original state is allowed. Thus, you need a fake ID that helps you to bypass that limitation and regulation. For that reason, people use this service, and fortunately, many companies provide them for you. They are also easy to find. Use the internet. You will find a hundred of them in a second.

What is a Fake State ID?

A state ID is a form of identification that contains all kinds of information about its owner. Name, address, important numbers, and other biometric information are available on this card. And, this card is issued by the state government. It shows that you are a citizen or resident of a certain state. With this card, you get acknowledgement from the area where you live.

Therefore, a fake ID State is the area where you can make a fake ID of that state ID card. Every state in the U.S. has a different design and requirement for its ID card. Therefore, each of them has a different way to create a fake ID.

Some of them are quite hard and even almost impossible to fake. However, there are also many states with loosened regulations regarding ID cards, which make them the easiest state you can choose to make a fake ID.

5 Things to Note While Buying The Best State ID

Some state ids are easier to fake and most are tamper-resistant. With technology evolving, identification cards issued in the United States have become secure. Hence, there are only a number of state IDs which fake id makers suggest to buy and cannot be caught. Some of the features that the best fake ID carry are:

  1. Exact Dimensions (This includes the size and shape of the identity card).
  2. Tangible & Guilloche Features. (Only premium fake id websites can perform these features with the right equipment).
  3. Emblem HoloKote Technology (This new hologram techniques allows counterfeit id makers to replicate ids with Kinegrams).
  4. Ink Quality (Optically variable ink purchased from premium sources).
  5. Substance Durability (The best fake id websites use Polycarbonate & has to match the DMV quality).

The Best Fake ID States 2023

As we mentioned above, there are some states where its ID is easy to fake. Here, we have five of them, which we consider the easiest state ID to fake. Let’s see what the states for fake ID are:

1. Maine

The template for ID in Maine remained the same for almost eight years. Even though they have adopted the requirement that was regulated by the Real ID Act, we can see that the Maine ID card is easy to alter.

Many features on the ID card are mostly basic features that you can find on the older ID card. It only uses holograms, which you can easily find from many hologram sleeve makers.

The ID card from this state also doesn’t have ultraviolet hidden code features. As we all know, this feature allows the establishment owner to detect the ID by using a UV detector to make the specific sign appear.

Now, without this feature, the ID card is easy to imitate. Furthermore, you also don’t have to pay a high price to do this. The printing inks to create the UV sign are one of the most expensive inks in this industry. So, it is also good on a budget.

The QR codes on the back also are not that difficult to replicate. It uses Teslin material, which is much cheaper than the standard Polycarbonate surface. Therefore, if you want to fake a state ID, Maine is still the best choice of all.

Pros & Cons of Maine ID

  • Easy to Fake.
  • Laminates are not easily available.
  • Cheaper to Buy.

2. Indiana

Next, we have Indiana. Even though we put it as one of the easiest to forge state IDs, we can say that there is one part that makes it a challenging task for the card faking service. This part is the gradient pink color on the card surface. However, you don’t need to worry.

It is not impossible to forge. You might need to wait for more time than other states to finish the forging process. Then, the latest 2023 Indiana card template also makes it even harder to fake.

One of the best things you can find here is the background photo. The Indiana ID card uses the grayscale background photo, which is one of the easiest color patterns to fake. Choose the fake ID vendor that uses a laser-engraving technique to create the specific elements of the ID card. Guaranteed, you will get the best result from them.

Previously, Indiana State use Teslin. Now, they have upgraded it into Polycarbonate, which is the best material for an ID card. It looks difficult to fake, but it is doable as this material is also easy to get. If you use the Indiana fake ID card, there is an 80 percent of chance that you will go through with it. So, make sure you know where you use it.

Pros & Cons of Indiana ID

  • Grayscale background photo.
  • Laminates are not easily available.
  • Holography can be adjusted with light brightness.

3. Iowa

Iowa is one of the best choices for fake IDs because of its simple design. Even though this state had been using the new shape, texture, and template according to the Federal Real ID Act in 2028, it doesn’t give any problem. Why? The outdated or old ID card is still valid and usable. Therefore, if you don’t know which state you want to use for a fake ID, choose Iowa.

You only need a proper signature and a good-quality photo of yourself. Send it to a reputable fake ID provider and you will get a decent fake Iowa state ID that you need. Most of the time, you won’t get caught using it.

You only need to be aware of the UV signature and barcode on the back. Bouncers mostly use those two to detect the validity of an Iowa ID card. Many fake ID providers sell the old version of fake ID for Iowa State. However, you can pay more for premium service to get the fake ID with the latest template.

Pros & Cons of Iowa ID

  • The outdated ID is valid for 5 years.
  • It is a bit expensive to get the new template fake ID.
  • The font of signature & photo background replicates easily.

4. Georgia

The Georgia fake ID is one of the most popular products that many people order, especially on weekends. It means this fake ID is worked well. The Georgia state ID uses a unique shiny hologram as one of its safety features. However, it is not hard to fake. The fake provider usually uses a similar hologram product from China. And, it mostly is working without any problem.

It was a problem when Georgia State uses the new template in 2023. However, the forgery maker still can make the counterfeit the Georgia state ID. It only took six months for them to learn how to copy that new template. The new fake ID from this state has blacklight features, a scan-able magnetic stripe, and a hologram. It also has the UV light feature.

Under the UV light scanner, it will display a specific sign. It is not a standard option. Many card makers charge you more fees to add this unique feature. So, you might need to prepare more budgets if you want to make the best-quality Georgia fake ID.

Pros & Cons of Georgia ID

  • Easy to copy hologram feature.
  • It could cost you more for adding the UV feature.
  • Georgia ID can be used in adjacent bordering states.

5. Connecticut

Then, we have Connecticut as the last option you can choose for the best fake ID. Why this state? First of all, the card is still uses Teslin material. As we all know, it is a lower quality material compared to Polycarbonate. Therefore, it is easy to get for card forgery purposes.

It also doesn’t use a magnetic stripe on the backside of the card for recognition purposes. This element is one of the hardest elements to fake. Moreover, we can see that the Connecticut ID card has simple and fewer safety attributes.

However, the latest template uses UV visible elements. The card fake provider may require more time to create this part. In the worst case, the bouncers can detect the fake UV sign easily. It is risky. But, it doesn’t affect this state as one of the easiest states for making a fake ID.

Pros & Cons of Connecticut ID

  • It uses no magnetic stripe at the back.
  • It uses fewer safety elements.
  • UV visible elements.


We all know making a fake ID is challenging. However, if you can choose the state as we explained above, there is no problem in your effort to get the fake ID for anything that you want. Now, you know what you should do. We hope you can solve your problem with the fake ID that you make.

Carrying out research before purchasing a counterfeit id is vital. With the wrong state ID at the wrong place, you could get caught and may have to face the law. There are hefty fines in most states and using a fake ID is declared as a felony and can get offenders jailed for up to 5 years.

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  • Iowa is a better option keeping in mind it works in other states. Georgia isn’t strict on fake ids and the establishments are usually friendly if they spot one so it could be a wise choice.

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