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Kansas is the birthplace of Superman, so the state can’t be too bad. The state is full of pulse-racing nightclubs to go to with your closest friends wherever you look.

Buy a Scannable fake Kansas ID from IDTop & enter neon-filled venues that will keep you entertained for hours with large crowds, live music, and memory destroying cocktails.

The director of vehicles signature – In most other real IDs in the US, the Transportation Department’s signature is above the ID photo. But on the Kansas Driver’s license and ID, it is directly to the right of the photo ID. The signature is in cursive, written in black text, and runs vertically down the photo. 

KS” on the back– On the back in the right-hand corner, there is a small “K” and “S” written in thick blue ink. They are next to a fleet of airplanes pointing up as if they are ready to take off. Above the S is a small blue star.



There is a Wagon with a Bison & Tractor on the right– The wagon with the bison is a part of the ID background to symbolize Kansas’ frontier history. While the tractor is a representation of the corn and livestock Kansas produces in order to feed the country. They are both orangish-red and are located above the secondary ID.

Hologram Printing – The Kansas state driver’s license and ID’s have several holographic images on the cards, which are used as a security measure. These holographic images must be printed correctly and securely, and cannot look streaky or faded. Some bouncers use their nails to scratch off the poorly made holographic images.

Special Kansas Driver’s License FeaturesOVI (Optically Variable Ink) Printing

New Kansas IDs has a unique feature. Most US Driving licenses use ultraviolet ink in green neon color. The 2020 Kansas Driver’s license uses red, blue & green colors to optimize certain parts of the license.



A Perforated Turtle – Backlit Feature – On the back of the ID cards in the top left-hand corner, there is a small black turtle. Engravinged technology used by the DMV replicates this feature with the backlit feature. This design is a security measure.

Microprinted blue river on the bottom right of the card – Located next to the secondary photo ID, you will see that there is a small blue river running directly behind it. This river is part of the Kansas state ID background. It is created through microprinting and not with guilloche lacing.

The Skyline of a futuristic city in Kansas The Skyline on the front of the state IDs is not a current city. The Skyline is a symbol of Kansas’ future as long as it continues to embrace education and technology. It is part of the background design and is created with lines outlining the skyscrapers. Within the outline, there are many dots indicating floors and windows.

No matter where you are, if you are a resident of Kansas, you should know that there’s no place like home.

Hands down, the best place to go in Lawrence is a dance club called Jazzhaus. It is a musically themed dancing club that always features impressive live music and is decorated in enchanting neon lights.

The turtle on the back of the card is engraved by a laser

For such a small detail, it is surprising how often it is printed incorrectly. The small black turtle on the top left-hand corner of the Kansas State IDs is not made out of lines. The turtle is created by a series of small black dots that never touch each other.

There is no blue sky above the Skyline

Since the skyscrapers and Skyline fill up so much of the top front of the ID cards, it is a common mistake for the cardmakers to forget to add the blue sky above it. We always ensure that every detail on our cards is printed and colored correctly.

The Kansas Driver’s License Codes Do Not Scan

If the 1D barcode cannot scan and show the card’s information in an ID scanner, that is an undeniable sign that it is fake. Unscannable barcode usually happens only to state-issued IDs if the back of the card is severely damaged. However, most fake IDs are in pristine condition. If you have access to an ID scanner that can check if the barcode of your phony ID is working, you should check it immediately.

What are Kansas Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

Bouncers, bartenders, and cashiers are allowed to confiscate IDs that they believe are fake from anyone who tries to use them. This policy is bandaid to the underage drinking problem in Aggieville. This city is known for allowing minors to drink and club in 21+ only places. Because of this lax attitude by the bars and clubs, the vast majority of young people have fake IDs and are not afraid to use them. In smaller bars and clubs on the outskirts of the city, people with poorly made fake IDs that don’t even display the same person on the photo can get into venues in establishments with no problem. Some fake IDs used in these shady places have the photo ID showing a black woman when the patron giving the card to the bouncer is clearly White. Some fake IDs display superheroes and famous celebrities. And it does not matter to the bouncers. They allow them into the club where they are free to spend their money.

In the establishments where bouncers are actually following the law, there might as well be no consequence. If a bouncer decides to keep a fake ID, they take a long time actually to report the ID they found to the police. When the cops arrived, the person who was using the fake ID is long gone. Aggieville Police try to make the consequences for possessing a fake ID harsh, and they usually give out a fine of at least $300. But this has done little to stop the counterfeit IDs from floating around the city.

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