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You don’t have to be in just Anchorage to have a good time. What many people don’t know is that the nightlife in Alaska is just as intense. The state is known for its unleashed wilderness, so why should the state make a law that keeps you leashed?

Buy a Scannable fake Alaska ID from IDTop to understand what it’s like not to be held back by someone else’s rules.

The nightlife of Alaska is as wild and free as the animals that roam the state. In this land, the full moon and bright stars will shine down on you as you party throughout the night.


Compared to most other US Identification cards, the Alaska ID card has a unique design. The design is complex to clone with software, but we get the job done. Both the driver’s license card and the Identification card are available for purchase.



If a fake ID website doesn’t have the black outline that makes the state picture stand out, it will be a significant mistake. Detail-oriented bartenders and police officers will notice this missing feature. Plus, without the black outline, the state looks flat, one-dimensional, and very fake.

Tiny Alaska at the bottom right corner – Next to the ghost image of your photo ID, there is a small picture of the state of Alaska. It is an all white picture with a black outline. It lays on top of the blue ink lacing.

The detailed mountain range at the top of the card with the word Alaska.

The picture of the mountains of the Alaskan frontier must be handled extremely well. Creating the color pattern for this picture must get all of the shading and hues correct. The dark blue color outlining the mountain ridge cannot be the same type of blue used to shade the white snow. The top right corner has to have “USA” placed in the picture’s sky. 

Blue lacing along the bottom of the middle of the card

The UV state seal in the middle of the card


ALASKA STATE SEAL – Directly in the middle of the card, there is a UV image of the Alaskan state seal. Since there are many different colors in the middle of the card, poorly made fake IDs might cause the colors to run together. But leaving out the seal can show anyone using a blacklight that your card is not real.

The tiny outline of Alaska on the back of the card – Just like the front side of the card has a small outline of Alaska, there is another Alaska outline on the back. This is not a UV or holographic picture, just a small printed one. If the bartender you are trying to purchase a drink sees this outline, they will be more likely to believe it is a valid ID. 

The ID photo in the top left cornerThe real California ID has more security measures than the previous card, but we have ensured that we use laser preparation to place the state grizzly bear in the state outline on each ID. 

The address in the bottom left corner

Unlike most other state-issued cards, the Alaskan card has the name of the person and their reported residential address printed on the bottom left corner. The ink for the text is black. Fake ID creators must pay attention to the placement of the text on the card. 

Special Alaska ID Features

Along the bottom of the ID, there is blue lacing that jumbles up and spreads out on the white background. This lacing bunches up towards the corners of the card but never touches the corners.

The Alaskan Frontier is the last wild place in the United States. Its forests are deep and dark, and its winters are harsh and unforgiving to the foolish.

The many towns around the state have small clubs and bars where you can unwind and drink the night away. But you won’t be able to find peace and solace in the late-night hours if you can’t enter these places.

Since the design of the ID is a bit different than most other US state IDs, it won’t be as obvious if you are in another state and use a fake. But you won’t be able to fool an Alaskan native.

  1. The UV image is colored and visible.

The state seal is a large UV image in the middle of the card. It is also the only UV image on the entire card. Poorly made IDs will not print the state seal with UV ink. You may get away with using a bad forgery during the day, but not at night.

  1. The mountain range at the top of the card is poorly colored.

The picture of the mountain range uses several shades of white, grey, and blue. Printing the right colors will use more ink and cost more money, so fake ID producers who are trying to be cheap won’t match the colors in the image.

  1. The placement of the text is off.

The text regarding the cardholder’s appearance, like height and date of birth, is placed towards the middle of this ID card. The address is also in the bottom left corner. Improper placement of the text is a significant sign that the card is a forgery. Also, watch out for misspellings on the standard text.

What are Alaska Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

In recent years, police officers have been arresting more people, both minors and adults under 21, for possessing fake IDs. However, not all who have a fake ID are minors trying to buy alcohol or get into a club. Some counterfeit IDs are used to commit fraud or evade probation violations. Just having a fake ID is a crime, and your sentencing will depend on what you were going to do with the card. 

If you are caught with a fake ID and are trying to enter into an establishment that mainly serves alcoholic drinks, then your license can be revoked for 60 days. This penalty will also apply to you even if you don’t have any alcohol in your system,

If you were caught possessing a fake ID and you were trying to use it to buy alcohol from a liquor store or bartender, then the court will suspend your license for 60 days and possibly give you jail time and a fine. If you are caught once more, you will lose your license for a whole year.

If you are still a minor when your license suspension ends, your parents will have to sign court documents so you can receive your license. You will not be allowed to get a new license without their signatures. 


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