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If you’re a young person in Massachusetts, you don’t want to miss out on the fantastic nightlife. But just like the U.S. revolution, why should you listen to laws and rules that you didn’t agree to?

Buy a Scannable fake Massachusetts ID from IDTop & get ready to embrace whiskey and rebellion!

The original ID and the real ID that came out in 2018 look identical. The only difference between the designs is that there is a golden circle with a star in the Real ID’s top right corner.



Laser Multiple Layer Insignia – Up and down the front side of the driver’s license, you can see red guilloche lacing on the card’s background. The lines can be seen through the photo ID, and the lines are colored blue. These lines follow a slightly wavy design and bend where the state seal is.

No ghost image on the front – Unlike many other IDs, the Massachusetts driver’s license does not have a small ghost image on the right side of the card. The ghost image is not even on the back of the card. 

Special Massachusetts Driver’s License FeaturesMultiple DOB locations.

There are two dates of birth texts on the front fake Massachusetts driver’s license. The first text is near the top right corner underneath the ID number. The second one is on the bottom right corner. The date of birth on the bottom right corner is tactile, and the numbers are raised so you can feel the numbers when you drag your fingertips over it.



IDENTIFICATION CREDENTIALS – The text that identifies each person with characteristics like height and weight are at the very bottom of the card. The text is black, and the personal identification text is bolted and larger than the standard text.

Color changing kinegram of dove next to photo ID. – The kinegram is the newest security measure created to stop the production of fake IDs. On the Massachusetts driver’s license, it is a bird with its wings spread wide flying over a valley. This kilogram is visible and changes color at different angles.

UV FACTS – The 2020 version comes with ultraviolet printed parts on front. The Capitol, outline of the state map & other iconic MA landscapes illuminate under blacklight.

The people of Massachusetts are vigorous, hardy, and know how to have a good time. They have been partying since before the country was founded, so they can teach tourists a thing or two.

If you don’t mind walking and getting drunk, you’ll like the Plymouth pub crawl, which happens every spring.

Liquor stores and bars in Boston are known for having Walls of Shame that are filled with confiscated fakes ID, but our cards from IDTop never end up on these walls, so you can party throughout the city without worry. And you’ll definitely want to use your fake ID to experience the new wine scene in Boston that has popped up in recent years. 

How to spot a fake Massachusetts ID

The barcodes do not scan.

One common problem with fake IDs is that no matter how well they are made, the barcodes may not scan. The barcodes can be damaged or printed incorrectly, so the information does not show up if they’re placed in an ID scanner. We always test our barcodes to make sure each one scans and has the right information.

The kinegram lifts off the card when bent.

The kinegram of the flying dove above the valley is a new security measure that has to be tested by many fake ID creators. If the card is bent, there’s a good chance that a poorly made ID will have their kinegram lift off the background, even if it is laminated. The kinegram can be printed incorrectly and not shine in different colors. 

The design on the back is the wrong shade of green.

There is a small design that runs across the back of the driver’s license. It is a ribbon made of green lines and a slate plaque. If the color is off, it will be noticeable because the green is bright lime color and not a dark evergreen or basic green.

The text size for the ID and standard text is the same

Even though the ID text and standard text is the same color, they are not the same size or shape. The ID text is larger, and it is bolded. Also, the bottom right DOB is not the same color as the other texts. Details like the size of the text can make or ruin your night, so double-check every small detail on our cards to make sure they are perfect.

What are Massachusetts Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

Family values are strong in Massachusetts, so that must be why it is legal for a parent or guardian of a minor to serve alcohol when they are in their home.

The law even includes grandparents as guardians, but not older brothers and sisters that are over 21. So if you don’t mind getting drunk with your parents, then you probably don’t need to leave the house and go to a club.

But the Massachusetts minors who don’t have cool parents will need to get a fake ID.

However, good luck finding a bouncer or bartender in the city that is not as strict as a nun when it comes to scanning for fake IDs. The entire state’s drinking establishments are rigid when it comes to checking for fake IDs.

Even if you try to put up a fight and insist that it is real, bars and nightclubs don’t fall for your act. Boston is a major city, so they have seen it all and dealt with every type of customer there is, including minors who want to drink the night away.

Also, if you are using a fake ID and the bartender catches you, the law allows them to confiscate your ID and never give it back. It will be easier for you to discover places outside of larger cities that don’t care about fake IDs. But if you are under 21 and in Boston, be prepared to have a sober time.

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