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There is more to Arizona then just red rocks, heat waves, and the Grand Canyon. Once part of cowboy country and the old wild west, Arizona has never been a state that knows how to chill. Now you don’t have to dehydrate during the hot desert nights.

Buy a Scannable fake Arizona ID from IDTop to celebrate your youth among neon colors and booming speakers. Obeying the state has never been a part of frontier thinking anyway.

The white and gold state seal – There’s a large white and gold state seal in the very middle of the state ID. Since it is white and gold, you might be able to see the seal if you shine the card in the sunlight. There’s no way you can leave this detail out of your card’s design and expect to gain entry into clubs and buy drinks. It is the most obvious UV image on the entire card.



A small, UV printed white Cactus with a golden star – There is a tiny UV-printed white cactus with a golden star on the right side of the large UV state seal. Some fake ID makers might overlook this UV image because they’re focused on correctly printing all of the tiny details on the state seal. But it is just as essential and can be quite noticeable under a blacklight.

The tiny Arizona state outlineThe ghost image to the right of the card has a few designs layered on top of it, and the miniature outline of Arizona is one of them. The outline is not made from a connected line but from a series of red dots that are close together. A well-made forgery should have the outline made of dots, like the original. They shouldn’t use a full red line because the state will seem more visible and look fake.

Special Arizona Driver’s License FeaturesThe DOB lettering is raised and noticeable to the touch. 

The DOB or Date of Birth is located in the top right section above the ghost image. But unlike other IDs, the DOB is printed with a raising technique that lifts the plastic and makes the letters more pronounced to the touch.




LASER PRINTING – When you slide your fingers across the letters DOB, you will be able to feel the raised plastic. Your forgery needs to have this detail. Even if everything else on your fake ID is perfect, if the person examining the card doesn’t feel the raised plastic, you won’t be getting into that party or buying any drinks.

The underlying images that make up the background of the card – The first items placed onto the background are images and guilloche lacing that spread across its surface. The colors for the lacing are green, brown, gray, and light red. If you study the background closely, you can see a cactus, an animal with a striped tail, a mountain range, and a tree.

A UV ghost image on the back of the card – Besides a ghost image on the front of the card, this ID also has a small ghost image on the back. This picture can only be seen if you use a black light. When there is no light, it cannot be seen with the eye. Since it is such minute detail, amateur ID makers might leave it out. Skipping this detail might be okay, since it is so small, and bouncers usually only look at details on the front of the card. However, an official scanner will quickly be able to detect if there is no ghost image.

There might be some magic in the red rocks of Arizona that keep its people dancing until the dawn breaks. Step out into the sun and recharge so that you can experience another wild night in just a few hours. 

  1. The UV images of the state’s outline are printed and able to be seen without a light

According to Arizona police, printed Arizona outlines are the most common giveaway that an ID is fake. Most of the cards they confiscate have ink printing when the image should actually be a UV print. The UV state pattern should not be printed with ink and shouldn’t be visible to any type of light except blacklight.

  1. Standard words and abbreviations are misspelled.

These abbreviations aren’t used in day to day life, so it is a common mistake to misspell them and not notice. Homemade forgeries usually make this type of error. Many amateur ID creators also use the wrong font. 

  1. The photo ID was altered in photoshop.

Unless you have the patience to perfectly outline every detail on your headshot, any poorly altered IDs have a white edge around the outline of the person. This outline will make them stand out against the blue background. This is another problem seen with homemade forgeries.

Laws Regarding Fake IDs in Arizona

The laws in Arizona do not look kindly on people who use fake IDs to acquire alcohol. If you are accused of doing so, you must get a lawyer immediately because the consequences could be dire.

If you are caught possessing a forged ID and used it in an attempt to buy alcohol, you can be charged with a class 1 misdemeanor. For this charge, the sentence can be up to six months in jail or three years on probation. You can also get a fine of $2,500. Additionally, the state will suspend your license for six months. This is just the sentencing for having a fake ID.

Since you tried to purchase alcohol while being a minor, you will be charged with a class 3 demeanor. Those charged with Class 3 demeanors may receive a sentence of up to 30 days in jail.

If you are a university student, your university has the authority to expel you from their school and not return your money for that semester. 

The state will never let you forget about your convictions. Unlike some states who wipe away your misdemeanor charges after two years, you will receive permanent marks on your criminal record. The state will prevent you from participating in specific careers in the legal industry, and you will not be able to become a nurse.

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