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If you’re a resident of Illinois, you’ve definitely learned about Lincoln your whole life. You were taught all of the great things he did and the tragic history of how he died. But did you know that Lincoln liked to get turnt? Mainly when he was working in the White House.

Buy a Scannable fake Illinois ID from IDTop & explore the state that features genuine down-home breweries and bars that you’ll find quite relaxing & intimate.

Hologram of Chicago Skyline – Below the red banner that says Driver’s License, there is a UV printed Skyline outline of the city of Chicago. Chicago is a major city in Illinois that is quite famous around the world.



UV print of Lincoln’s Tophat – Placing the Illinois ID cards underneath a blacklight will reveal a tall top hat above Abraham Lincoln’s head. Lincoln was known for his top hats, so it has been integrated into the design. This is our favorite feature to replicate because it looks so cool.

Black and white microprinted design of Lincoln – You will find a micro-printed black-and-white design of Abraham Lincoln to the right of the blue state seal. Illinois has Lincoln on its state-issued ID cards because this is the state he was born in. This Lincoln design is not a full image, and you can see background designs through it.

Special Illinois Driver’s License FeaturesSmall upside-down building on the back

If you flip over the ID and license cards, you will see an upside-down image of a building. This building is close to the left-hand corner at the top. Its placement is above the magnetic stripe.



The state name is printed as a hologram – The backlit of state outlin features on duplicate photo. Moreover, If you angle the card the right way, you will see the word Illinois flashing to the left of the ID photo. This text is a hologram and can be seen by the naked eye. We can assure all of our customers that we handle holographic images with the best of care.

Driver’s license number is a letter and 11 digits – Unlike other state IDs, the Illinois State ID and license has 11 digits. Many other states only have nine digits. There is a letter that comes before the numbers, and that letter is the first letter of the first name printed on the card. 

Large state seal on the front On the front of the state’s cards, there is a large Illinois state seal printed in blue ink. This seal is part of the background and is underneath all of the text and photo ID image. Around the state seal is a red ribbon created by four looping lines. 

Where should you start having fun in the state of Illinois? Chicago is the best place to party, but if you’re not close to the city, make your way to the City of Woodstock.

When you get drunk and stumble on the ground, you can tell anyone who criticizes you that you’re just acting like one of our most famous presidents.

Chicago is bursting with pulse-racing fun, but Woodstock is the place for you if you’re not about that life. A unique bar to drink the night away in is D.C.Cobbs. It has an old town feel created with neon lights, and they make their own unique cocktails.

How to spot a fake Illinois ID

The letter in the driver’s license number is incorrect

As we mentioned above, the first letter in the license or ID number is not randomly generated. It is supposed to be the first letter of the first name printed on the card. Bartenders in Chicago always mention checking the letter against the name when trying to find fake IDs.

The holographic images are not well-made

Holographic images are harder to print out correctly then UV images, so it is important to buy a fake ID with properly printed holograms. Some fake ids are so bad that the hologram can be scratched off.

There is a white outline around the bust of the person in the ID photo.

Many card makers use Photoshop to design their cards, but Photoshop is an advanced software program, which will take a long time to master. When customers send in their pictures for the photo ID, it’s very hard to cut out all the little details, and there’s usually a small white outline left around the bust of the person.

What are Illinois Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

In other states, having a fake ID is a misdemeanor. But that’s not the case in Illinois. If you are caught merely possessing a fake ID, you can be charged with a class 4 felony. To put matters in perspective, punching a person in the face is an assault charge and a class 4 felony. You can receive up to seven years in prison, receive a fine of up to $25,000, and be ordered to perform at least 50 hours of community service.  

But that’s not all. Not only will the fake ID charge be on your criminal record permanently, but employers and places that provide internships will also be able to see this charge and deny you employment.

Far more than any other group, young people under the age of 21 are caught with fake IDs. But they don’t truly understand the penalties they face. Many believe that it is a misdemeanor and will receive community service for a night in jail, just like their parents long ago.

There are so many fake IDs found in Illinois that the Secretary of the State Police is telling radio stations to warn listeners about fake IDs when doing business with someone, notably if they are online. Although underage drinking is a problem, the Secretary of the State Police says that identity theft is a much bigger situation in Illinois, especially in cases that target the elderly. Many of the fake IDs used and identity cases are from China and are well made.

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