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Now, if there is one state that knows how to party, it’s Florida. If you’re a young person in this state, there is a never-ending list of places to go and drinks to chug. Florida may be The Sunshine State, but the fun truly happens when the sun sets.

Buy a Scannable fake Florida ID from IDTop & no matter what part of the state you are in, you’ll quickly find something to experience. You can just drop everything and head to The Pangea Alchemy Lab.

Large red FL on the front background – Printed as one of the many details on the card’s background are the two large red letters FL. These letters cover most of the card to the right of the photo ID. The L touches the edge of the card while the F touches the top.

Large blue state seal on the background design underneath the FL – Another detail on the card’s background is the large blue state seal of Florida printed on the left and underneath the photo ID. It is not a full image but an overly enlarged image that is printed on almost every part of the car. In the middle of the seal is a palm tree.



No background behind the ID photo’s bust– Most ID photos have a background behind the person’s bust, but the Florida ID does not. The ID is just an exact bust of the owner of the card and nothing else. Directly above a person’s bust is a small palm tree.

Secondary photo in the right bottom corner features a gold halo – There is a secondary photo in the bottom right corner on the front of the card. This is not a ghost image as it is a full-color image with no fade. Unlike the full ID photo, this secondary image has a gold halo background that our printers can perfectly replicate.

Special Florida Driver’s License FeaturesBlue outline of the state on the back of the card

When you flip the card over, you will see a blue outlined map of Florida on the left-hand side of the card. It is not colored in at the top, although the background designs make it look so. Below the tip of the map, there are the letters FL are also in blue.



Blue waves covering the bottom half of the card’s back – Since most of the State of Florida is completely surrounded by water, it makes sense that another image on the back of the card is 3 blue waves. These waves are not full images; instead, they are dotted outlines that increase and decrease in color, making it look like it’s faded in some parts. Printing the waves and the outline of Florida correctly is another security measure meant to make fake cards thicker because they must use more layers of ink. 

ID and Driver’s License have different colors for headers– When you purchase an ID or driver’s license from us, the headers on the cards will not be the same. The driver’s license has to have a green header while the regular identification card must have a red header. Forgetting this detail usually happens with low-grade ID makers, but we have an eye for detail.

GOLD HALO – To the left of the outline of Florida is a ghost image of the photo ID. Unlike the secondary ID photo on the front of the card, this image is faded even though it is still in full color. Also, the picture does not display as much of the neck and shoulders as the other two photos.

Miami Beach is home to every type of nighttime fun you can think of and in every price range. If you’re a partygoer who likes to hit the dance floor without destroying your monthly budget, go to the low-cost dive bars and outdoor dance halls that dot the city’s waterfront.

One place you need to check out is Treehouse, which specializes in house music and has real tree branches and leaves hanging from the ceiling! 

Peeling or jagged edges

Veteran and donor logos in the place where FL should be.

The old cards used to have veteran and donor logos on the bottom right corner of the card. With the new update to the cards in 2019, their location has changed, and now there is an FL. So if you are using a new card with this old detail, you’ll be spotted immediately.

There is a magnetic stripe above the barcode. 

This is also another detail from the old cards. The cards from before 2019 have both a magnetic stripe and a barcode on the back. The new cards don’t have a magnetic stripe, and the barcode is now in its place.

Part of the card is thicker in certain places

Both the new and old versions of the Florida ID and license are packed with small and large details, photos, ghost images, and prints. Layering all the ink on top of other images with a non-state-issued printer is bound to make some areas thicker. So if a fake ID maker has old printers, their cards are more likely to be detected.

What are Florida Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

In many major cities in Florida, bouncers and bartenders are given a bonus for every fake ID they confiscate. The bonus is not paid for by their employer, but by the local police precinct. The most common areas for fake IDs to appear are shops and bars near universities, Orlando, Sarasota, and Miami. 

Florida law used to prevent bouncers from keeping fake IDs because they were still that patrons’ personal property, but now it is a bouncer’s job to keep any fake IDs that they come across. The minor could buy another fake ID, but they are often so expensive that they can’t afford to replace it for a few months.

But critics say that the bonus for bouncers is too low; only $10. They can make much more money reselling fake IDs online or through word of mouth. Each fake ID can be sold for more than $80. However, if bouncers are caught selling fake IDs, then they can lose their security licenses. 

Florida has one of the strictest fake ID laws in the nation. First, possessing a fake ID is automatically a third-degree felony. Depending on what you were doing with the card, you can receive a 1-year license suspension, a $5,000 fine, and prison time of up to 15 years.

If you’re caught using it to buy alcohol, you will be sentenced to 90 days in jail, a $500 fine, and the license suspension. The fake ID charge will always stay on your criminal record.

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