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A travel site voted Biloxi as Mississippi’s drunkest city, so they are used to spotting fake IDs, but they have never spotted ours!

Buy a Scannable fake Mississippi ID from IDTop to have relaxed time in a friendly state that knows how to show its people and tourists a good time.

On the right of the identification card and driver’s license, there is a color ghost image along with it’s background. The ghost image is not solid, so you can see the State Building background design behind it.

Micro printed letters around the state flag and building – There are microprinted letters around the state flag and under the top of the building that cannot be seen with the naked eye. These letters spell out the word ‘Mississippi’ and the two ‘P‘ in the word are backward.



Large UV Ribbon Design– Placing the front of the ID and driver’s license under a blacklight will reveal a large ribbon across the middle of the card. It is a spiral-like ribbon, and it covers both the ghost ID and the full photo ID.

The faded design on the back of the card – On the Mississippi driver’s license, there’s a design on the back of the card. If you flip the card over, at the bottom, you will see a series of wavy gray lines with the word Mississippi in the right-hand corner. The word has the same calligraphy font as the front one.

Special Mississippi Driver’s License FeaturesIdentification number has one letter and 11 numbers

The numbers of the Mississippi driver’s license and identification card are the same. Both types of cards have nine numbers and no letters. The text for the numbers is colored black, and they are bold.




The ID and the driver’s license are different colors – Some of the lettering on the card will look different depending on whether you have the identification card or the driver’s license. The driver’s license has green at the top of the card, and the identification card is red. So when you buy a card, make sure it is the driver’s license if you want to drive with it.

ID text and standard text are different– The standard text and the identification text on the front of the card are different in shape and color. The standard text is light gray, the identification text is colored black, and it is bolded. The DD numbers at the bottom of the card have the same attributes, but both texts are smaller.

The printed state outline in the right-hand corner.At the right-hand corner on top of the ghost image, there is a small outline of Mississippi. The outline is created with dots and not lines. The dots are color gray, not black. A piece of the state outline is missing at the bottom.

The nightlife is more homebound so purchasing our exceptional Mississippi ID from IDTOP.is is your key to the best house parties.

Three cities where you are guaranteed to have a good time are Jackson, Biloxi, and Hattiesburg. In Jackson, you can go to Teton Village and have a few cocktails at the Mangy Moose. It is a local favorite and caters specifically to the young. 

The card does not pass the bending test.

Because of the many designs and security images on the Mississippi driver’s license and ID, the cards have many layers. Because of the number of layers, ID Checkers in the state have been instructed to bend the card whenever they suspect a fake ID. If the ID is poorly made, the edges of the card and the middle will bubble up and peel.

The calligraphy in the word “Mississippi” is not correct

The way the word Mississippi at the top of the card is written is not in a normal standard font at all. It is a calligraphy font. Because it is not a normal font, some computers may not have it installed, and the states named will have to be perfectly recreated by an ID maker. It is created with calligraphy because it is harder to replicate and easier to spot on a fake.

The information within the barcode does not match

Bouncers report that even if the fake ID is well-crafted, the biggest red flag is that the barcode does not work. And if the barcode does work, the information from the barcode doesn’t match the information on the front. Or there could be some words misspelled. Problems with the barcode are one of the biggest reasons why fake IDs are discovered.

What are Mississippi Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

In 2017, some establishments that sell liquor embraced a new app that was created to help find fake IDs and prevent underage drinking. The app is called age ID, and it is a product of the company IntelliCheck. And the results were very good, but they weren’t perfect. There were still some false positives when the cards were actually fake IDs, but stores and bars are finding more fake IDs than ever, thanks to this app.

One major problem that the state must take care of is that the app is not free to use. It is subscription-based, so it is another cost that a business must take on if they want to use it. For that reason, many places that don’t have a lot of business don’t use it. Also, it cannot be used by the average citizen. There is an approval process, and it can only be used for certain businesses and law enforcement.

Mississippi Law does require those who check IDs to confiscate the ID from the patron. Also, whenever a fake ID is found, it must be reported to the police. But many places do not want to go through this hassle, and they’ll give the card back to the minor and send them away. This kind of attitude towards fake IDs is more common in college towns we’re up to 42% of all college-age students under-21 have fake IDs.

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