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While Lafayette has tons of things to do, nothing compares to the capital of Indiana, which is Indianapolis. Bar and club hopping tours are top-rated in the city, and these tours usually cover at least three or four places in the downtown area or Broadripple.

Buy a Scannable fake Indiana ID from IDTop to become a corn party host or start hiking through cornfields to drink some light beers.

BLACK REAL ID – On the front top corner of the Operator’s license and the Identification card, there is a Real ID symbol. This symbol is a black circle with a white star inside. This black circle is different from most other state Real ID cards because those circles are usually colored gold. 



The header has the title “Operator License.”– Unlike many other drivers licenses in the United States, the Indiana driver’s license says Operator’s License instead. These words are colored in orange ink, and it is not placed in a header, but it is in the left-hand corner.

FINE MICROPRINTING – ID card makers who don’t pay attention to this small detail might accidentally put Driver’s License instead, and it will be a dead giveaway that the card is fake. One of the best security features for the new Indiana Operator’s license and id cards is the laser engraved text on the front of the card. The laser cuts out pieces of the card in order to make text. So the text is not really made of ink.

Special Indiana Driver’s License FeaturesThe ghost image of the full ID photo. – On the front of the ID and Operator’s license, there is a black and white ghost image of the full photo id. This ghost image has the bust of the cardholder, but there is no background. Around the bust of the ghost image, there is a faded yellow circle that looks like a halo.



The DOB is raised – The date of birth on the front of the Operator’s license and identification cards is printed in ink, but underneath the ink, the card material is raised. The raised letters and numbers can be felt when a person brushes their finder over the surface of the card. 

The Operator’s license has a racecar – On the front of the Operator’s license, there is a race car on the bottom of the front of the car. This is a new security feature, and it is different from the identification license. The race car is colored grey while the ID car for Indiana is a red bird.

The Indiana state seal in UV inkOn the front of the Operator’s license, there is the Indiana state seal. It is only viewable when you place the card under a blacklight. Our UV ink printers can handle the details of the seal, and the intricate details can be printed correctly. 

While Lafayette has tons of things to do, nothing compares to the capital of Indiana, which is Indianapolis.

Bar and club hopping tours are top-rated in the city, and these tours usually cover at least three or four places in the downtown area or Broadripple. Or if you want to get turnt at lunchtime, head to The Inferno room. This bar is a tiki and island-themed, and it has unique cocktails you won’t find anywhere else.

How to spot a fake Indiana ID

The background designed is not colored correctly

The colors on the Indiana ids cards are lightly colored, and the shades of color change as you move around the card. There are light orange clouds in the sky while many of the windows on the building are orange-colored too. The subtle coloring makes it harder for fake ids to match the colors. 

Patrons don’t fight if they are turned away

One of the rules bartenders and bouncers are taught is that if an ID looks fake, but they’re not sure, then they should turn the person away. The thinking behind this rule is if an ID is fake, the patron will leave without complaint, but if the ID is real, the person being turned away will ask to speak to the manager or ask it be rechecked.

The DOB is not raised. 

One major detail that the new Indiana ID and Operator’s license is raised DOB text. This is the most obvious security and can instantly show any person checking if the card is fake or not. But the cards we produce have raised letters so you can pass any inspection.

What are Indiana Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

In Indiana, it is not nightclubs and bars that have a fake ID issue. Instead, it is the liquor stores and supermarkets where underage adults and minors purchase their alcohol. Most of these fake ID cases happened near college towns, but the problem is widespread throughout the state.

So a software company has created an ID scanner capable of checking whether an Indiana ID is real. This software program is called “IDLogix C-100.” They have been placed in a popular liquor store chain. So far, they have been a success in assisting clerks and cashiers. Because of their quick detection, even the busiest store can handle checking fake IDs. If they were to check these IDs on busy days without the scanner, it would take much longer, and they would miss many crucial details.

In Indianapolis, the bouncers and bartenders routinely check on fake IDs by bending them in half.

They do this because if a fake ID is not made well when the card is bent in half, the lamination can be ruined and create a white mark over the middle of the card. State issued IDs do not bend in half easily, so bartenders will see resistance and know it is real. If a fake ID is found, the person checking the card is allowed to confiscate it by law.

Since last December 2019, Indiana doesn’t just have to watch out for minors buying alcohol, but now fake IDs are being used to buy vaping equipment and cigarettes.

A law passed in December, which pushed the age to buy cigarettes and vaping equipment to 21. The age before the law passed was 18. Because of this change, many cigar shops and vaping stores have seen a massive rise in the number of fake IDs they encounter. In response, these stores are now purchasing more ID verification equipment than ever before.

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