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Young people in Iowa don’t have to hide their drinking from their parents, because drinking is a typical family activity! If you live near Iowa City or the City of Ames, you’re next to the best party cities in the state.

Buy a Scannable fake Iowa ID from IDTop & have your favorite drinking glass already, even if you’re not of age.

Large Golden State Capitol Building – On the right side on the front of the ID cards, there is a large yellow and gold building that runs almost to the top and bottom of the card. The building has a spire and is in front of the state seal. The building is part of the background design, but it is not made of guilloche lacing.



Duplicate images on the right bottom corner – In the right bottom corner on the front of the ID card, there is a black and white ghost image. Behind that, you can see the text of the state seal. The ghost image also includes the photo ID’s background.

Secondary color portrait on the front corner – To the left of the ghost image, there is a second color image of the photo ID. This photo is slightly below the ghost image, not adjacent to it. We make sure this photo is printed so that you can see the state capitol building outline behind it.

Special Iowa Driver’s License FeaturesThe small blue header on top of photo ID.

There is a header printed at the top of the card, and it has the word Driver’s License in white text. However, this header is different because it does not reach all the way across to both edges of the card. It is mainly located on the left side of the card.



The second DOB printed below secondary color image – There is a second date of birth on the bottom right area of the ID cards. However, this text is not the same as the first date of birth. It is slanted more, and it is bolded. This is an improved feature compared to the old Iowa ID design.

State seal behind the capitol building – As part of the background design, the baby blue state seal is designed to sit behind the Capitol building. It is a large seal that takes up most of the background below the header. You should not be able to see the part of the seal that is underneath the capitol building.

Nine UV State outlines on the front of the cardOn the front of the Iowa cards, there are nine Iowa state’s printed in UV ink. These nine images run in a C pattern to the right of the full photo ID. The outlines are very thin, so we know not to make them thick.

Iowa is definitely not one of those states that knows how to abstain from liquor. This state loves its alcohol, and they’ll drink it in pretty much any form. But if you are a resident of Iowa, you already know this.

Not surprisingly, the city of Iowa has amazing nightlife because it is a major university town. Although there are plenty of nightclubs to keep you occupied every day of the week, we suggest you head over to a bar instead. The Deadwood Tavern is a small hole in the wall dive bar known for its movie-like bar feel and neon signs decorating the walls. 

How to spot a fake Iowa ID

The second date of birth is missing or is not bolded

Just like the Iowa State driver’s license has two IDs photos, it also has two dates of birth. However, the second date of birth is on the right-hand corner. It is bolded as well. Sometimes card makers forget to bold text on the second date of birth, which makes this mistake easy to spot.

The barcode cannot be scanned

There is no magnetic stripe on the new IDs. Instead, there is a barcode at the top of the back of the card. Many liquor stores and grocery stores have ID scanners so they can scan your card. If it does not go through, you’ll be denied your purchase.

The text of the first date of birth is not raised

Raising the text on the date of birth is one of the biggest changes that Iowa has made to its state cards. This small change has helped many bouncers and bartenders find out if the card is fake or not. It is tough for non-state-issued card printers to recreate raised text, so this is an effective security measure.

What are Iowa Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

Bars and clubs near major state universities like Iowa State are known for having extremely strict bartenders, bouncers, and liquor store cashiers.

They are so impossible to bribe or convince, that many students don’t even try to purchase fake IDs anymore. A few years ago, this was not the case.

There were many students with fake IDs, and they could easily gain access to clubs and bars. But Iowa State policy has pressed down hard on underage drinking and the methods on which they can drink. The results of this crackdown have been astounding.

One of the parts of the fake ID crackdown is the severe increase in penalties if caught with a fake ID. You can receive up to a year in jail and a hefty fine. If you are caught a second or third time, you’ll be charged with a worse sentence. 

Also, unlike other states that have increased their penalties, Iowa has decided to educate young people on the consequences of getting caught. Because they are aware of the life-changing penalties, they are more or less likely to seek out a fake ID.

The third reason the crackdown has been successful is the new security measures on the State ID.

It features raised tactile lettering on the date of birth, which is very hard to fake by non-state printers. Because of the raised text, it is now much easier than before for ID checkers to figure out if an ID is fake. 

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