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During the hot Pennsylvania summers, there’s nothing better than finding refuge in a bar. Even the nights are hot, but the dancing floors and nightclubs are always air-conditioned. To live up the hot summer nights with the most fun people in Pennsylvania, head over to either Philadelphia or Pittsburgh.

Buy a Scannable fake Pennsylvania ID from IDTop & order all of your friends a Yinzerita, which is the state cocktail.

Transparent Duplicate Photo – In the bottom right corner of the Pennsylvania Driver’s License, there is a ghost image. It is in full color, but it is slightly transparent so you can see the background images underneath it.



BANNER – In the top left corner on the front side, the word Pennsylvania is written in black and white lettering. Underneath the word is a dark blue header. However, if you have the identification card, then this header will be yellow.

Intricate Micro Pennsylvania Background – The design for the Pennsylvania background is extensive and covers the entire front side. First, there is the blue and yellow guilloche lacing the spreads around the top and bottom corners and middle area. On each side of the design, red and white microprinted dots create a flag shape. At the end of the right flag, there is a silver-colored state crest. To the left of the crests, silver guilloches lacing takes up more of the background. 

Special Pennsylvania Driver’s License FeaturesState Outline

On the right-hand side to the left of the ghost image, there is an outline of the state of Pennsylvania in blue ink. Within that outline, there are the words DL or ID, depending on if you buy a driver’s license or an identification card.



PENNSYLVANIA OPTICALLY VARIABLE HOLOGRAMS – On the bottom half of the backside of the Pennsylvania ID, there is blue guilloche lacing threading the bottom to the edge. On top of the lacing is the word Pennsylvania and the year 1787, and each is printed in blue. On top of that is text asking you to notify the DMV in 15 days if you move.

Large frontal UV design – Pennsylvania ID or driver’s license has UV guilloche lacing on the top and bottom of the card. Between the lacing, there are many small Keystone printed images. The UV ink glows green under black light. To the left side underneath the photo ID, there is a second state crest. It touches the edge of the card and can be seen underneath the photo ID background. This seal lays vertically on its side. 

Laser Perforation of state two letter code “PA” – Overlapping the ghost image in the right-hand corner, two letters are perforated through the card. The letters are PA, and they become viewable when a light is shined behind the card. If you move the front of the ID and position it from different angles, you will be able to see three words on the left-hand side of the card. These words are “Virtue,” “Liberty,” “Independence.” Next to these words is the year 1787. These words overlap the top of the full photo ID. There are three of these holograms printed in the middle and sides of the card.

Many who drink in Philadelphia can thank for their IDs, which allows them to experience the Irish drinking culture Philadelphia embraces so well. To experience Philadelphia yourself, go to The Ransteed Room, and make sure to buy your group of friends a round of beers!

How to spot a fake Pennsylvania ID

Using a fake ID from out of state

Sometimes, a customer will use an ID that is not from Pennsylvania. But the person doesn’t seem to be from another state, and they use the same slang as people in the local area. This is when bartenders ask the customer to repeat their address so they will get caught with their fake ID.

Overlapped images are not flat

One of the main reasons why the Pennsylvania ID now has so many features is that most fake ID makers are not able to lay the many features down flat on the card. The prints, overlapped lamination, and plastic will make certain parts of the card thicker. 

The holographic images are not in the right areas.

One way fake ID makers try to get around issues when a card has many features is to slightly shift prints or text a few centimeters away from its original spot. This is why bartenders and bouncers always have a picture of the state ID with them. They can compare the card to a picture of the official state ID and check if it is fake.

What are Pennsylvania Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

Some liquor stores in Pennsylvania in the smaller and medium-sized towns are fighting back as minors are using fake IDs to purchase alcohol. Several stores are making their guests sign a supplementary document stating that their ID is real or they are 21 years old.

This type of document also puts more of the blame on the minor with the fake ID then the store. Several of these documents have been used in court to fight off underage drinking charges against stores.

If a person refuses to sign the receipt or document, they will keep the fake ID that they were using to purchase alcohol and refuse to serve them any longer.

Liquor stores in certain cities are allowed to confiscate fake IDs. So they place down every ID that the store’s workers have ever confiscated on the cashier table and place plastic over it. The store does this so every cashier can easily reference a person’s face and refuse them service if they ever come back.

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