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No matter where you are, rodeos, state fairs, festivals, tailgates, and baby showers, there is always liquor and beer flowing like milk and honey. And Texans love to drink 32oz pitchers of beer with a cold mug. The state beer is Shiner Bock, and you can’t have a fun evening or go hunting without it.

Buy a Scannable fake Texas ID from IDTop & head straight on the weekends to sing your heart out as the bartenders get you plastered.

Identification Credentials – The text on the Texas real ID is both black and blue. The driver’s license number and date of issue are both dark blue, but the date of birth under them is both blue and red. The rest of the identifying Texas is blue while the standard text is black.



TEXAS HEADER – On the front of your driver’s license, there is no banner. Instead, there is a city skyline. In the left-hand corner is the word Texas in bold dark blue letters. In the right-hand corner is the word USA and under it are the initials TX. In the middle will be the word driver’s license or identification card, depending on which one you buy.

REAL ID TEXAS – Under the right-hand corner is the real id symbol, which is a yellow circle with a star shape cut out of its middle. You can see the background design through the star. If you view the bottom of the photo ID closely, you will see raised numbers. These raised numbers are the birthdate of the cardholder, and they are tactile.

Special Texas Driver’s License FeaturesThe State nickname on the back of the card.

In the left-hand corner on the back of the card, you will see the words The Lone Star State in faded light gray text. It is next to the 1D barcode on the bottom of the card. On the right-hand side, where the ghost image would have been, there is a small black outline of Texas. The outline is not filled, so you can see the background design behind it. A perforation created this outline, so if you place a light behind the card, the outline will glow.



UV STARS & STRIPES  Over the front of the ID card, there is a UV printed design of waving lines and stripes throughout the entire card. To the right and bottom of the stripes are two glowing stars.

TEXAS HOLOGRAMS – There is one state seal and three stars printed as a hologram on the front of the ID card. The state seal is overlapping the photo ID.

Laser Tactile & Micro Printing – The Texas real ID has several designs on its background. The Capitol building is printed in light and regular blue, and there is microprinting behind it. There are several stars printed across the bottom of the card. Most of the card’s background is colored in yellow and then fades to blue. 

While bars and dance halls are everywhere, you will have to search for a pub or gay nightclub. Houston and Austin are the best places to easily find amazing and energetic nightlife that’ll both exhaust and energize you. 

There’s no way you and your friends can pass up on experiencing the fantastic Houston nightlife, and with a dependable fake Texas ID from IDTop, you won’t have to! 

To start an amazing weekend, head straight to the SoHo Karaoke Bar. Here, you can sing your heart out as the cute bartenders get you plastered.

How to spot a fake Texas ID

  1. There is no microprinting

Microprinting is not used to quickly reference if a card is fake or not, especially in busy bars. Plus, you need a magnifier to see it correctly. So if your card is perfect, but the microprinting is off, you may be able to get away with it. But if they have a magnifier, they will see that the microprinting design actually is just lines on a fake ID. 

2. Misspelled words

For the Texas ID, most instances are where misspelled words would be on the back of the card. Also, abbreviations words in the state seal could be misspelled. 

3. An accidental ghost image

On the current Texas ID, there is no ghost image in the right-hand corner. Instead, there is an outline of Texas. So many state ID cards have ghost images that it might be put there in an accident by a card maker. Instead, this ID has a ghost image printed in UV ink on the back.

What are Texas Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

The bouncers in the city of Austin are strict and card every person they believed to be under 35. Many of them also do use ID scanners. If they find a fake ID, they’re completely allowed to confiscate it from you. They’re also supposed to call the police, but this might not happen. But you will get your card taken away. 

Some people recommend going to 18 plus clubs, but you still won’t be able to drink alcohol.

The bartenders in the city have no problem waving down cops to help them check if an ID is real, especially if they work in the downtown party area. 

The police stand in front of major nightclubs and bars in case they’re needed to check a fake ID. Their presence alone lowers the number of fake IDs that appear.


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