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In the morning, put on your best church dress and repent for all the terrible sins you committed the night before. Remember that you can’t go to heaven without experiencing a little hell.

Buy a Scannable fake Georgia ID from IDTop & and put your favorite outfit on for the nightlife of savannah is ready to take you away.

Large pink Peach in the middle of the card. – In the middle of the Georgia state ID and driver’s license, there is a large picture of a peach. The Peach takes up a good amount of room, and it does not have any leaves.

Overlapping Data Two ID images next to each other. – In the new George driver’s license 2020 and ID cards, they are now two ghost images in the right-hand corner. One is a small full-color photo while the one below it is a black and white ghost image.



Red Guilloche lacing at the top of the card – Instead of a header, the Georgia driver’s license and identification cards both have red guilloche lacing instead. On top of the lacing, the work Georgia sits in the left-hand corner next to a peach. The words “Driver’s License” is directly under the place.

Golden picture of Georgia on the back. – On the left-hand side on the back of the car, you will find a tiny gold print of the state of Georgia. This picture of Georgia is glitter gold and will shine in any light.

An orangish-yellow design of the Savannah capitol building

On the back of the Georgia state driver’s license, in the middle of, there is the capitol building of the city of Savannah. This building is not a full image but a design made out of microprinting. Around the building, there is also a yellow microprint design running from the top to the bottom of the card.



Multiple Laser Images- IDtop is a pioneer when it comes to using MLi technology to print multiple images in the same area.

SEAL OF GEORGIA – On the right-hand corner on the back of your card, you will see a green State of Georgia seal. Directly under the seal will be another print out of your date of birth. The shade of green used to make the seal is much darker than the surrounding green microprint design.

UV image of the state seal and the word Georgia If you place either the driver’s license or the ID card underneath a UV light, you can see that there is a UV image of the Georgia state seal in the middle of the front of the card. Underneath the UV seal, there is UV text of the word Georgia. Our UV ink can be used to print all the little details in this seal.

Life in Georgia moves slower than the rest of the country. The residents have more sway in their step, and they have Southern hospitality that can bring friends together. The state is religious and has many churches, so why don’t you give yourself a reason to go to church the next day. You can stay up from sunset to sunrise, drinking, and clubbing the night away.

For a unique experience, you can participate in the creepy pub crawl, where a tour guide shows you haunted establishments while you get drunk.

If you are in Atlanta, your night is set, for you can do everything and everything in this city. One of the best dance clubs in Atlanta is called Tongue and Groove. The entire club is decked out in neon lighting and has waving spotlights. Even celebrities love to come to this spot.

  • The guilloche is absent from the front of the card – The new ID and driver’s licenses that have come out in the last year are covered with different colors of guilloche lacing. One the front side of the George state ID, there is red, grey, yellow, and purple lace that covers the entire card. The patterns are more intricate because it is an added safety measure that is noticeable to the naked eye. If the lacing design is not properly printed by fake ID creators, it will become obvious when checked by a bouncer.
  • Drivers’ licenses and ID cards are made of PVC, not polycarbonate. – The new Georgia ID cards are made of polycarbonate. However, past cards have always been made from PVC. This detail may be difficult to determine, but polycarbonate is lighter than PVC. So, with all the layers of images and ink on a state card, fake ids that are not made with quality printers can feel heavier if made on PVC.

What are Georgia Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

In the city of Athens, businesses and bars in the area are known for having a lot of bars and clubs that don’t care if they have underage patrons. As long as the person seeking to buy alcohol or enter into a club has a fake ID, most places will let them in. The ID doesn’t even have to be good quality, as long as the bouncer can pretend to look at the card, the person will be fine. Students and those on message boards share information on which bars are serious about fake IDs and which ones are not as well.

Around universities and high schools in Savannah, there’s been a growing number of students using fake IDs to buy alcohol. So, stores are starting to fight back. However, many IDs are so expertly made that they are undistinguished from real state-issued IDs. They cannot be detected unless business owners have actual police equipment. But now there is a company that created a fake ID detection app and is selling the app to businesses. The business is called Intellicheck, and the app checks the Georgia ID’s information against state records to see if the person on the fake ID really exists. The best thing about this software is that it can be used on your smartphone with an attachment. The company chose to roll out the technology in Georgia because it has a high rate of fake IDs and underage drinking. 

Businesses don’t have to let patrons know that they are using Intellicheck. So when a person with a fake ID walks into a liquor store or bar, they will have to watch and see if the store clerk or owner has a smartphone with a black scanner attached to it.

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