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When it comes to exotic venues and intense nightclubs, New Jersey will not be outdone. The drinking culture in New Jersey is fantastic, and nearly every place you go you can go will have booze. New Jersey residents even have an app that allows you to schedule events for you and your friends & order your favorite drinks at certain bars.

Buy a Scannable fake New Jersey ID from IDTop & enter the after-dark entertainment in Atlantic city which is gritty, loud, and animalistic, and you’re going to love it.

Four Hologram SEALS – Angling the card in different positions in the light will reveal 4 to 5 state seals on the front of the card. They’re positioned in various areas along the top and bottom edges. 



THE REAL ID BEAR SYMBOL– One the front of the New Jersey Driver’s License and Identification cards, there is a ghost image in full color in the bottom right corner. The ghost image also has a light blue background behind it. This image is not solid, so you can see the lines from the background under it.

MULTI-COLOR GHOST PORTRAIT – The state of California uses a ghost image of your original photo because low-grade fake ghost images are easily detected. The tech needed to create a ghost image is expensive, and many creators leave them out. But our fake IDs are top of the line, and we have the necessary software needed to create these images.

Special New Jersey Driver’s License FeaturesGold and white Real ID symbol

In the right top corner, a gold circle shows that the card is a Real ID. Within the gold circle in a white star. This is the newest ID and came out around 2019 in compliance with federal law. In UV ink, there are 4 or 5 UV texts that spell out “New Jersey” at the top and bottom of the card. Between the text in the middle, there are two to three state shapes of New Jersey. You are able to see their features when the card is placed under a blacklight. 



NEW JERSEY HEADER – There’s a red banner that begins on the left-hand side at the top of the Driver’s License and Identification Cards. Within the red banner and white text are the words “Auto Driver License” or “Identification Card.” Above the banner is the state name of New Jersey with the Motor Vehicle Commission to its right. On the top right corner of the ID photo, there is a colored state seal. It is small and only covers the corner. The colors that make up the seal are white, red, orange, blue, and green. 

MVC LOGO – Between the 1D and 2D barcodes on the back of the card, there is the Motor Vehicle Commission text and logo printed in regular ink. The logo is grey lines bending downwards, and it is light gray. There is a magnetic strip on the new real IDs for New Jersey. Instead, there are 1D and 2D barcodes. Both of these barcodes are programmed to show detailed information so our cards can pass ID scanning tests if the police stop you.

STATE OUTLINE ON BACK – In the bottom right corner on the back of the ID card, there is a black image of New Jersey. The shape is very small, and the state website is above it. The New Jersey background is simple, and the images are in the card’s middle. There is a large blue- silver design of the New Jersey state, and it is underneath the yellow state capitol building.

With over twenty colleges and universities in the area, Hoboken is filled with house parties and drunk college students, so our fake New Jersey ID can help you get away from all of the noise.

Spend your time in the city by sitting down at a table at The Shepherd & the Knucklehead, an old Irish pub that can keep you warm and buzzed on cold winter nights.

How to find a fake New Jersey ID

The UV State outline and text is missing

Because there are so many features on the New Jersey ID, sometimes invisible features will be left off the card, so it does not become too heavy or thick. Many times, it is UV printing. 

The laminate comes off at the edges if it is scratched

If you rub your fingers and fingernails across the edges of the card, laminate and plastic should not become loose. This is a major sign that the lamination did not take hold, and the card is fake.

Letters that overlap an image are smudged

It is hard for amateur card makers to place ink on top of features like ghost IDs and UV prints. So if they try to do so, the ink that creates the letters will start to smudge and bleed. Is it because they are not properly placed onto the background.

The photo ID picture is low-quality.

Because the person ordering the ID has to take their own photo, with their own smartphone, sometimes the image does not look very good. It can often be blurry, or they could do it incorrectly or not in the style that the state department does.

What are New Jersey Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

Bartenders in New Jersey have their own sites and forums to find tips and tricks on how to identify fake IDs. This is not a requirement of the job, but many feel that it is necessary.

Even serving one minor alcohol in New Jersey could mean the end of your security license. Their employers can also sue them for serving minor alcohol as their business is now in jeopardy. So the stakes are very high.

If you are discovered with a fake ID, and the bartender calls the police in, you will get booked and sent to the precinct.

The punishment for a fake ID in New Jersey is tougher than other states as it is a third-degree felony crime. You can receive prison time and recipient of the $10,000 in fines, plus you can have your license suspended after two years. So it may be better to just walk away and let the bartender or bouncer keep your fake ID if they call you out on it. 

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