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Since immigrants first came to New York in the 1700s, the people of this state have not stopped drinking rum and wine at bars and taverns all over the state. Even without New York City, the after-dark entertainment in this state will have you neglecting all other areas in your life so you can be wild.

Buy a Scannable fake New York ID from IDTop & enter the world of great downtown drinking scene with bars and lounges surrounded by nature.

Multi-Color Printing– The background image on the front of the New York State driver’s license and identification is designed with different colors. The colors are yellow and blue, with some red and white. On the right side of the card is the state seal, while the top left corner has the Statue of Liberty.



The full photo ID – On the New York ID, the full photo image is in black and white. There is no background, just a faded area behind the cardholder’s bust. There is a black and white ghost image on the right side in the middle of the card. But instead of a background, the sides of the bust and above the head are no longer there, so you can see through it. Underneath the ghost image is a small ribbon spelling at the cardholder’s name in black text. If you place the ghost image underneath a black light, it will look like it’s glowing.

AMERICAN FLAG & BLACK STAR SYMBOLS OF NEW YORK LICENSE – On the bottom right corner underneath the ghost image, there is a small colored American flag. The flag is colored red white, and blue while the pole it is flying on is silver. The flag represents that you have an enhanced New York Real ID. But if you have a regular ID, then instead of a flag, you will see a black circle with a star in the top right corner.

Special New York Driver’s License FeaturesMulti-Image Guilloche

Close to the top right corner, you will see the identification number in a small gray header. The nine identification numbers are printed in batches of threes and have no letters.



Microscopic printing at the bottom – On the front of the card to the left-hand side, you can see microscopic printing underneath the full photo ID. Some of the microprinting colors are blue, while the other is gray. On the front of the driver’s license beneath the header, the identification number is printed as nine characters in sets of 3. It is printed in black ink, and there are no letters in front of the numbers.

CURLED CREDENTIALS AROUND WINDOW OF GHOST PORTRAIT – The initials of a New York license holder are curled around the duplicate mini-photo of the primary image. There are the standard text and the actual identification text on the front side of the New York ID cards. While both texts are black, the identification text is larger and bolded. The standard text is not a separate color like many other state’s texts. 

UV STARS & FIGURES – There is a black and white design on the back of the New York driver’s license and identification cards. This design is not a flag, but it is of the Stars and Stripes waving and folding as if it were in the wind. Towards the left corner of the card, the Stars and Stripes’ design gradually turns blue. The entire card will light up when you place the front of the ID or driver’s license underneath a black light. Printed in UV ink, there is a whole guilloche lacing layer that covers nearly every part of the card. In the left-hand corner, there are many different types of stars that glow. 

There’s not a single bartender or bouncer in New York City that has caught on to our fake IDs yet, so be sure to purchase yours, and you’ll be able to get into any bar or club you want.

Your first visit to New York City needs to start by going to The Crooked Knife, as this place specializes in boozy brunches that will keep you buzzed and relaxed until night time.

How to spot a fake New York ID

The expiration date is wrong

For New York IDs, the expiration date happens eight years after you get the card. But it does not expire on the day you get it in eight years, but on your birthday in 8 years. So if the month and day of the expiration date do not match the month and year of your birthday, then it is fake.

The coloring is wrong on the back of the card

The back of the ID is often neglected because there is not much printed on there. But the New York cards have a Stars and Stripes design that turns blue towards the edge of the card. If the blue area on the card is colored black or not at all, then it was done incorrectly.

The ghost image is not punched out.

Even the best card makers find this feature hard to replicate. The clear section around the bust of the ghost image is hard to replicate, mostly because a piece of the card must be cut out. But if a bouncer cannot see through a ghost image on an ID, they’ll confiscate it immediately.

Your fingers get caught on the sides of the ID photo.

If you drag your nails across the surface of the card, your nails should not snag on any of the features, especially the ID photo. But sometimes, layering all of these pictures onto a single card can make the card feel thicker if the right equipment is not used. 

What are New York Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

Police across the state of New York have recently improved their efforts to crack down on both fake IDs and underage drinking. While drunk teens happen everywhere around the state, the most popular places for fake IDs to appear is in New York City and in smaller college towns.

Police officers are now stationed inside of popular bars and clubbing venues during busy nights and holidays.

They often act as bouncers, and they take their police scanners with them to scan IDs. But they are not sure what to do now because many of the IDs that are in circulation are unbelievable advanced and can even pass police scanners.

So they look at the body language of the person handing them an ID. Most fake ID users will look away and not make eye contact.

They will shift their entire body to the side and wait for the bouncer to inspect their card. More often than not, people who act like this are using fake IDs.

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    IDTop’s NY always does the trick. Tested inside NYC bars and just looks authentic, if you test this and compare it with a real New York Driver’s license you wouldn’t distinguish this from a real one. It is miles ahead of all other vendors in terms of quality.

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