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Ohio is a state where alcohol flows openly and freely, so you’re never too far from a celebration or a fun night out. The state has always been pro-alcohol and even has open drink and container laws so that partygoers can drink in parking lots outside of football stadiums and clubs.

Buy a Scannable fake Ohio ID from IDTop & enter the world of great little boozy brunch spots hat will keep you drunk and full until the clubs open.

COLORED GHOST & PRIMARY PHOTOS – On the right of the card is a photo of the cardholder in black and white. The background of the photo is also white, but it is faded at the corners edges, creating a cloudy appearance.



REAL ID IN STATE MAP – There is a black circle with a cut-out star on the top right corner of the Ohio driver’s license. This symbol represents the card is a Real ID. Next to it, there is a green shape of the state of Ohio. 

Transparent OVI Ghost Photos – On the bottom right corner of the Ohio ID card, there is one ghost image that is black and white and has a white background. But the white background extends to make a rectangle shape. Inside this second background are the driver’s license number, date of birth, and the cardholder’s signature.

Special Ohio Driver’s License FeaturesState UV Text Printing.

Placing the front of the Ohio ID underneath a black light will reveal text that spells out OHIo-1803. It is located near the top right side of the card.



OHIO ULTRAVIOLET FEATURES – On the front of the ID card in UV ink, there is a print of tire tracks, the word “Ohio,” and red and blue outlines. At the top to the right is a full UV image of the state seal. In between the tire tracks are red and blue words that say “State of Ohio.” The word Ohio is printed blue ink in the top left corner. Directly underneath the second ‘o’ is a blue oval with white text that says “USA.”

Government official’s names and the header. – At the top of the Ohio ID in the middle area, the governor and the BMV registrar’s name is in small black text. Underneath that text is either the words “Driver’s License” or “Identification card,” depending on which one you buy. On the back of the card, there is also a second ghost image on the bottom right-hand corner. However, this image is inverted. It is in color, but the image is faded.

Transparent Window & Curled Initials on Back – On the back is a full-color background design. There’s a flag on the right, while the rest of the background is laced with blue and green. Underneath the design is the 2D barcode and ghost image. The background for the Ohio ID cards is intricate. There is a seal in the middle of the card, while there are areas of blue and green around it. Behind the seal, a green ribbon stretches underneath the photo ID with the text “With God, All Things Are Possible.” The state of Ohio is also above the ghost image in green.

IDTop’s fake Ohio IDs are so well known and trusted that partygoers in Columbus love to use them to get into the best music halls in the city. The House of Blue is world-famous and serves amazing cocktails, so there’s no way you can miss out on attending a concert here.

How to spot a fake Ohio ID

The Holograms are not properly printed onto the card

When a fake ID card is created, sometimes the holograms are not placed in the correct area, or they’re placed on top of the lamination. If it’s on top of the lamination, it can be scratched off with the thumb, or it will peel off from wear and tear.

The lamination at the edges starts to peel

Cardmakers have to be cautious during the lamination process because if it’s done incorrectly, it will make a card look fake. It is common for cards to start to peel away at the edges or sides, or pockets of air start to form under it.

The microprinting is not there.

Since it cannot be seen very well in light, fake ID makers sometimes don’t add the microprinting. You may get away with using your fake ID at some places, but bartenders at popular areas keep a magnifier with them to check and see if it is there.

The barcode is not the right size.

On the back of the card, the Ohio ID has two different barcodes. But if they’re not measured correctly, some barcodes can be twice the original size. Although they still may be scannable, they need to be a uniform shape, or else they will look fake.

What are Ohio Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

Cities like Cleveland and other college towns across Ohio have seen a spike in fake IDs in the past few years.

The consequences of getting caught with a fake ID are not enough to deter young people from purchasing them from China. And, for the most part, the benefit is quite worth the risk.

Many bartenders and bouncers in Ohio can’t tell the difference between real and fake cards. Some college students say that they have been drinking with their fake ID since they were 18 years old and have not been caught.

However, it doesn’t stop ID checkers in Cleveland from upping their game, especially during important holidays and the football season. The city has not increased the number of ID scanners they have, so bartenders focus on incorrect placement or faded coloring to find fake IDs.

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    Was part of a group order. Received a free clone & express service is pretty quick… IDTop is not just a fake ID website with a shady appearance – They are as professional as it gets & the customer support staff are very active.

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