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If you’re an Oregonian, then you know that staying out all night at bars is the state’s unofficial pastime. The nightlife in Oregon isn’t as developed in smaller towns, so you’re going to want to stick to the cities if you like a lot of variety. Portland and Ashland are the best places to be if you’re young and love to party.

Buy a Scannable fake Oregon ID from IDTop & venture out to all of the breweries Oregon has to offer and drink until the last call.

BANNER OF OREGON ID – Depending on what you buy, the top of the card will either be purple for the Driver’s License or green for the Identification Card. In the header, you can see the word Oregon is repeated over and over again in a lighter color than the header. On the left-hand side is the state name in black ink, and it is next to the state seal. Underneath, the words will either say Driver’s License or Identification Card.



THE REAL ID SYMBOL – In the right-hand corner of the ID, there is a black circle with a white star within it. This is the Real ID symbol, and you can use this card to board airplanes. Underneath the Real ID symbol is a purple knotted design that starts out in the shape of Oregon and then slowly blends into the background.

ID CARD DESIGN – At the bottom of the ID, there is a green meadow with white and yellow flowers. Above that is the purple state capitol building with a yellow top. On each side of the building are pink trees. In the middle of the card is a blue knotted design but fades into purple on either side. 

Special Oregon Driver’s License FeaturesIntricate Oregon Header

Underneath the header is the ID photo. It is a colored photo with a white background, but the white background is faded at the corners. This photo is solid except for the faded top, so you cannot see the background through it. 



Tri-color Laminated Bird Symbol – Printed on top of the lamination is a tricolor hologram of a bird. The colors that make up the bird are red, orange, and yellow. As you bend and flex the card, you will see the colors appear and disappear.

OREGON OUTLINE IN UV – On the front side of the ID in the middle, the word Oregon is printed in UV ink. It crosses the middle of the card diagonally. The Oregon ID and Driver’s License has a second background on the other side. This background features a mountain, light and dark blue sky, and a green hill with trees at the bottom. A second date of birth is printed in black letters at the bottom of the meadow.

Multiple Holographic Diagrams – The cardholder’s signature is printed in black and overlaps the ID photo. Beneath it is the date of birth in tiny blue letters, but the date itself is in large black letters. There is a holographic state flag in the lower-left corner. Over the header is a holographic text of the word Oregon. There is also a grayscale hologram of state flower over the ghost image.

Oregon state has over 230 breweries in operation, so you can visit each one in a single year. Begin your night in Ashland by drinking at The Beau Club. This establishment has a lot of video games and a huge pool table where you can challenge your friends to a game they’ll never forget!

The college students and young people love to buy our fake Oregon IDs because the nightlife in Portland is wild, and they don’t want to miss out. Most university students hit up The Lovecraft, a gothic-themed bar that features niche goth and metal music.

How to spot a fake Oregon ID

The cardholder cannot recite their address.

This trick works a lot with young college students or adults fresh outta high school. The bartender will take the fake ID from the customer and ask them to repeat the address if they feel that the card could be fake, and the person is really a minor. Some bartenders see that the person will ask for their card back, leave the area for 15 minutes, and then return to the bouncer and recite their address. 

The ID is printed on cardstock

To avoid the Oregon Driver’s License or ID card becoming too heavy from the weight of the templates and ink, some IDs are made with a different material. Cardstock is lighter than the polycarbonate material the state-issued ID made out of. But it doesn’t have the same feel, which could be a big tip-off if the bouncer notices.

The photo ID touches the edge

When the ID photo is not placed in the right area, the left side of the card will look off to the person performing ID checks. The Oregon state ID photo is about a centimeter away from the card’s left edge. Even if the photo background touches the edge, it will not look right.

What are Oregon Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

Police in Oregon have created a new way to track down minors with their own confiscated fake IDs.

Whenever a fake ID is confiscated and given to the police, some police precincts in Oregon will email the person who was using the fake ID to notify them that they have been caught.

When the person receives the email, it will say that a fake ID has been found, and the police know it was once in their possession. The email will also state a final day to respond, or a warrant will be enacted. Many people who receive an email from the police will believe it is a scam, but it is not. 

It is not illegal to ignore this type of email, but it is legal for the police to send these emails. The emails are meant to notify someone they have been caught committing a crime. You are under no obligation to answer back. However, many people suggest getting a lawyer before contacting the police.


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