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Rhode Island is not a party state, but you can find entertaining nightlife if you stay close to the coast. You can even party with your friends on a booze cruise and stay out on the water all night. But if you’re more inland, check into one of Rhode island’s many comfortable bars that dot the state.

Buy a Scannable fake Rhode Island ID from IDTop & to help help drink your weight in Rhode Island Reds when you sit down at a bar or pub.

WAVY FIGURES – On the back of the Rhode Island IDs, there is a guilloche pattern on the bottom of the card. The lacing is gray, and it shapes a series of waves. On the right corner, there is gray text in the corner that says Rhode Island.



THE REAL ID BEAR SYMBOL– There is bright yellow Intricate (OVI) Optically Variable Pattern covering the front of the ID card. It is printed in UV ink so it can only be viewed if there is a black light over it. Above the lacing, there is a design and dots printed in ultraviolet ink that creates the shape of a bridge’s nets.

Rhode Island Holograms – To the right of the photo, there is a hologram of the state seal. It is printed partially over the ID photo. On the right, the words “Rhode Island” are printed. Between these two features, a holographic anchor and several stars are on the card as well.

Special Rhode Island Driver’s License FeaturesVariable Duplicate Photo Placement

Overlapping the ocean background in the bottom right corner, there is a ghost image of the full ID photo. It is in color, and you can see the background design through it because it is not a solid image. The text for the eyes and hair are overlapping the ghost image’s left side.



Iconic Rhode Island Objects & Figures – Several different designs create the Rhode Island background. In the middle and right side, there is a bridge and cables near the top of the card. Above the bridge arch are three light blue birds. Below the bridge are an orange lighthouse positioned on top of some rocks, a large ocean, a small blue sailboat, and green foliage on the horizon. There’s also a blue and orange sunset above the bridge.

INTRICATE HEADER – Rhode Island is printed in blue ink on the left-hand side at the top of the driver’s license or identification card. Underneath it, in much smaller text, is the word USA. The heading of the card will either be a Driver’s License or Identification card, depending on your purchase in the top middle area.

REAL ID SYMBOL – Rhode Island is printed in blue ink on the left-hand side at the top of the driver’s license or identification card. Underneath it, in much smaller text, is the word USA. The heading of the card will either be a Driver’s License or Identification card, depending on your purchase in the top middle area. The Rhode Island Identification number has seven digits, and there are no alphabetical characters. It is not spaced out and does not have lines separating it.

Bouncers in Newport are allowed by law to confiscate any ID they find at the door, but you have nothing to fear being discovered when you use our fake Rhode Island IDs.

You can safely use our IDs to enter into the Vintage Cigar Lounge and Club, which serves specialty cocktails along with a variety of cigars from all over the world. 

Although they may be small, the cities of Providence and Newport have most of the nightlife in the entire state.

Providence may be an old city, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love techno nightclubs and gastropubs. For music that will take your breath away, go to the Tantric Nightclub, which has Asian decor and a martini lounge. 

How to spot a fake ID from Rhode Island

The microprinting doesn’t create the correct image

One special feature about the Rhode Island ID is that the state is now using microprinting on the back. When placed under a magnifier, the microprint creates every county in the state. But if you place a fake ID underneath the magnifier, the microprint will just be dots.

They don’t know their middle name.

Some fake ID cards are pre-made, and the makers don’t allow the customer to pick their name. So if an ID checker asks the guest what their middle name is, they can go blank and forget it. When they forget their name, the guest will be thrown out.

There is no birth date over the ghost image.

Placing multiple features in an area can be difficult if you’re not using the right state-issued machinery. So card makers place the date in different areas, like below or above the ghost image. But the cards we reproduce always have every feature in their correct area.

What are Rhode Island Laws Regarding Fake IDs?

Police are targeting nightclubs and bars in Lawrence, Rhode Island, because of the number of underage drinkers in the city. During one raid, the police found over 40 minors with fake IDs who were all under the influence.

This happened even before it was 11 p.m. These types of raids don’t happen with guns drawn or with swat teams, but with cops on foot. They block the doorways and ask to see everyone’s ID. Another set of police officers will go to the back of the club on the outside, in case any minors try to slip away. 

In another bar raid, over 90 minors were found with fake IDs. It’s raids like these that are finally quelling the number of underage drinkers in the city.

Although there is more work still to be done, other cities around Lawrence are waiting to adopt this strategy, especially when students come back to start University in the fall. 

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    my Rhode Island fake id works in Providence & was shipped inside a small cardboard container. It roughly took 7 days with rush service so wouldn’t mind ordering off IDtop again.

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